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Record Keeping

Records to retain:

  • a record of all your sales, with copies of any invoices issued, including till rolls or other form of electronic record of sales
  • a record of all your sales credits, with copies of any sales credit notes issued
  • invoices and receipts for all your business purchases and expenses
  • a record of all your purchase returns
  • Cash and petty cash records
  • Details of any money brought into the business, including private money
  • Details of any drawings from the business, for personal use
  • All business bank statements, including cheque stubs and paying-in slips.


Any money invested into the business, including private money, is classed as 'Capital'.


The money or goods that a business owner takes out of the business for his or her own use, is classed as 'Drawings'.

Note: This list is a guide ONLY and by NO MEANS a full list of requirements. There may be other records you would need to keep, depending on the size, nature and structure of your business.

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